A protest response from the president of the USAL against a false News

A protest response from the president of the USAL against a false, fabricated, childish reporting against four well educated, successful in their respective fields of expertise, and working day and night because of their geographical location for the 16 crs people of Bangladesh.Revised and edited
Mahfuz bhai,
Past few messages you suggested to be in the US and commented not be late which is on record. To you, is your party or mother is very important who is over 100+ years old? Possibly you don’t know that I am a 24 hrs politician and use every moment possible for the party. I don’t miss any issues that concerns my party and my beloved jononatree daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mojibur Rahman the honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina and the only hope the future leader Sajeeb Wazed Joy. Do you know the New York Times published an editorial on May 8, 2016 against the current government and I challenged that report black and white along with more than 100 Awami family members living in US? I know you don’t know and did nothing and even try to do anything because you don’t have that urge or mind. Before reporting against the USAL, ever thought what this organisation did for the 16 crs people of Bangladesh since 2011. For example, the USAL arranged a historic blokade around the World Bank head quarter at Washington, DC challenged their unfair actions against the 16 crs people of Bangladesh with a blame which they failed to establish, a historic protest gathering in front of the State Department and the White House to request the USG to declare JAMAAT /Shibbir a terrorist organisation like Hamus annd so on. I am throwing an open challenge to you and your motivated malicious professionals if could find a single organization’s that are closed in the US soil that are working for the over all betterment of the people of Bangladesh and participated in any national events in Bangladesh.
You know we are in a world of Internet or digital age, one could serve from any part of the globe and that the USAL is doing, utilizing, practicing every day. You are jelously and unfairly commented that I spent most of the time in Bangladesh which is totally wrong. Whenever I am in Bangladesh, you would find me with a reason which is for the party only. For example, a couple of month ago there was a blockade around Khaleda Zia residence in protest of her statements against our 3 millions martyrs during the war of liberation in 1971. I am the only one flew from US or around the globe to participate with my own experiences because a status was issued from our future leader to attend. During the failed strikes and blockades of corrupt and killer Khaleda Zia that burnt to death 160 innocent people I was in Bangladesh. I attended every day program to challenge her ileagal blockades on the street of the capital Dhaka. Would you find a single from around the globe who did it? The USAL has a list of publications and CDs about their activities. Past September when a CD on Khaleda Zia tortures on innocent people were played in front of thousands of Probashi in the city of New York possibly you were there, our beloved jononatree could not control her emotions and literally cried and the entire hall was in a stage of anger against Khaleda. You are blind you would not able to find all these activities of the USAL because you are serving someone purpose for a reason.
You and your paper would fail to stop our activities for our beloved jononatree and would continue more vigorously than before.
You boycotted one of our press conferences and could not even made a dent to us. In the future you would not be able to success your plans against the USAL leaders and Awami family members living in the US. We would see on the streets of New York City the world capital. Almighty Allah Pak bless you and help you to be a path of honest and peace loving Bangladeshi Americans in the US……….Additionally, unfairly you blamed Ambassador Ziauddin Ahmed, Masud Bin Momen, and CG Shamim AHSAN who are working day and night for the 16 crs people and beloved jononatree government and changed the US policy favoring the current government in spite of BNP/JAMAAT propaganda against the 16 crs. If you are committed to the wellbeing of the 16 crs than without a delay you must apologies to all three most trusted and well respected perfect gentlemen. We are proud of them and wishing good health and prosperous successful future. Joy Bangla

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